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Prince Oak Oakleyski Lordoakkandanai'maneesawathดาราสากลผู้ลึกลับ เจ้าชายโอค โอคลีสกี้ เจ้าชายโอ๊คหล่อที่สุดในเอเชีย ดาราสากล เจ้าชายโอ๊คโอคลีสกี้กันต์ดนัยมณีสวัสดิ์ authentic andronovo royal superstar принц Оьклейский handsomest lord'oak lord of eurasia handsomeness sovereign real prince international เจ้าชายโอ๊คหล่อ ราชาแห่งความหล่อ ราชวงศ์สุลต่าน
Prince Oak Oakleyski, real handsome prince, handsomest prince, prince oak, Prince_Oak_Oakleyski_, real eurasia prince, เจ้าชายโอค, handsome real handsomeness sovereign, เจ้าชายแท้ๆหล่อสากล, принц оьклейский, ท่านเจ้าชายโอค หล่อที่สุดในโลก, handsomest, princeoak eurasia andronovo international royal, prince of eurasia, เจ้าชายแห่งยูเรเซีย, Император Евразийн жинхэнэ царайлаг эзэн хаан, the most handsome director/entrepreneur in the world, lord kandanai emperor, Lord Maneesawath, Emperor Kandanai, ท่านเจ้าชายโอ๊ค, ท่านเจ้าชายโอค, เจ้าชายแห่งยูเรเซีย, real prince of Eurasia, sovereign handsomeness, принц оьклейский, принц оук оклиски, евразия красивый император, еврази эзэн хаан, ท่านเจ้าชายโอ๊คราชาหล่อรวยเชื้อรัสเซียแท้, настоящий красавец-принц Евразии Prince Oak Oakleyski - настоящий принц Евразии. Prince Oak Oakleyski is the real handsome lord emperor of Eurasia in this modern era. ลอร์ดเจ้าชายโอค คือเจ้าชายแห่งยูเรเซีย แท้ๆค่ะไม่ใช่นักแสดง "Prince Oak Oakleyski" 王子是这片现代欧亚大陆真正英俊的皇帝

Prince Oak Oakleyski

     Prince Oak Oakleyski (also known as Настоящий-Принц Евразии / Принц оьклейский ท่านเจ้าชายโอ๊ค-ราชาหล่อแท้เท่โคตรรัสเซียค่ะ Еврази царайлаг эзэн хаан канданай / Monotheistic handsome emperor) is the real handsome sovereign prince of Eurasia*, merely aristocracy realness. Fact; Prince Oak Oakleyski is the only movie director in the world who's the real Eurasia handsome princeOoh...mashallah! Handsomely, the handsome Prince Oak was born on 20th March 1992, similarly to Fernando Torres. Fantastically, physically, and genetically handsomest, Handsome Prince Oak of Eurasia deliberately divulged himself to thank God. Alhamdulillah for the genetics of sundry royal ancestors of preceding generations which gave rise to the luxuriously handsomest face of the famous aristocratic royal Prince Oak Oakleyski on the media --he is just as handsome as in the flesh. It's the same royal aesthetic quality. Pure class, of course, no plastic surgery. The most handsome Eurasia Andronovo Timurid descendant i.e. Lord Kandanai is the neo-original proto-European a.k.a. Real Eurasia Andronovo Handsome Lord Prince (*revitalized Neolithic icon) of this era. He initially established himself in the past as the popular influential Euro-Asian business squad captain, wry epistemology and physical anthropology fraternal lord. لقد تاب
     Prince Oak Oakleyski is a chairman of Eurasian foods, too, but very down-to-earth, as can be seen on this official media page's handsome photos of him. He was born in Bangkok, but
his forefathers are Emperor Shah Zafar and Tsar. Naturally handsome prince of Eurasia, Prince Oak is formerly the supreme totalitarian chief director whose title is "Lord Emperor Maneesawath" as known as "
Принц Оук". He has established, directed, and produced private best multinational films circulating in many areas around the globe, since many years ago with a help from his logistics team-Arabians and Americans. Prince Oak, the prince of Eurasia, is in this background image.🖤
     It's a mystery to many people, as his true epithet "Lord Kandanai" was commenced due to his sharp/cryptic appearance in which his reputation is outstanding by his natural-born unique balanced mix of godly international ethnicities--universal symmetry.
     Not many people can access his filmography.


As time passed by, prince oaklord is food manufacturer; the first Andronovo cultural cuisine entrepreneur in Southeast Asia.

And also a religious spiritual leader for God's sake. พระเจ้าให้มีองค์ประกอบหล่อธรรมชาติแบบองค์ชายโอ๊คแห่งยูเรเซียค่ะ

Nowadays, Prince Oak Oakleyski is the movie chief director -- source;

Prince Oak Oakleyski is "เจ้าชายแห่งยูเรเซีย", "real handsome prince of Eurasia". Prince Oak Oakleyski is "handsomest".

Принц Оук/Prince Oak Oakleyski — настоящий красавец-принц Евразии, единственный и неповторимый.

Prince Oak in 2020

Glass of Milk

His culinary products will probably be available soon!

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